Senior [Tom]

A senior shoot from last year I should have blogged but am just now getting the time.  🙂 Let me just say that this was SO. MUCH. FUN.  How cool is it to get to take photos at an airport?!  I LOVED it!!!  Thanks so much for letting us take some cool shots for you

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KP 2014 Senior Girls

These girls are the BEST.  We had such a blast doing a little shoot just for fun to round out the year.  I might secretly wish they would all flunk out so that I could take their pictures again this year…haha just kidding, but no seriously……. 🙂  Thanks girls for wanting to do this fun

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Senior [Anna] Part One

Anna is just the sweetest!!!  I had such a blast with you guys at this session!  Even though it was completely FREEZING!!!  Poor Anna had to throw a coat on in between each shot!  I had tons of layers on and still left with numb toes!  She was such a trooper! 🙂 I can’t get

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Senior [Kenzie] Part 2

This girl could be the sweetest ever! (the rest of her family too!!) …and totally amazing at the whole singing/guitar/country girl thing.  I suggested we bring her guitar out to our session after I saw a video of her playing and singing….and yep, I’ve decided she should be on Nashville.  I had so much fun

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