Puppy Love

I love it when my sister comes back from Tulsa!  I pulled out my camera for a few quick snaps of Duke and Brooklyn.  They also brought a friend along this time, Layla.  So very sweet, we all fell in love with her!

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Schuylar & Chico

Had a blast testing out my new flash and lens!  Schuylar should definitely be a model.  Chico is super fast so this was great practice for my action shots.  Can’t wait for summer to roll around so I can get some outdoor shots of these two doing what they do best!!

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Farm Fun

Nothing quite like being at home.  Brought my camera along and decided to take some fun pictures while out and about.  This is a little of what I am working on.  Meet Pearl.  She is very sweet.  More to come…    

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The Rupps

My sister lives way too far away. It was really good to see them for a few days while they were back in Nebraska and we were able to get some photos taken for Christmas cards, too! Thankfully it wasn’t really cold, but Brooklyn did enjoy a stinky dip in the freezing lake! Dogs will be

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The Spracklins

How sweet is little (well maybe big) Wrigley?!  It was really fun to get together and snap some photos of this cute little family.  We even had Debbie, Kyle, and Chance (a.k.a. “Prop Boy”) to help out!  Here are just a few of my favorites!

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