[Engaged] Melissa & Phillip

These two.  Can you feel the love?!?!?  I was so excited when Melissa booked me for their wedding next year and I found out they were living in Tulsa!!  I was able to take a road trip to see my sister AND take photos of these two GORGEOUS people!!!  AWESOME!!! 🙂  My brother-in-law also tagged […]

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[Engaged] Maddi & Alex

 Oh these two.  It is so wonderful when you find couples who are just naturally drawn to each other, makes taking photos so easy!  Not too much posing from me as they were just naturals at the lovey-dovey goodness in front of the camera!  I had so much fun with them and I cannot wait

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[Engaged] Jess & Damir

These two are SUPER sweet and sooo fun to work with!  I am so excited for their big day to come next year!  Beautiful light and beautiful people, I could not have asked for a better combo or for a nicer day!  Thanks again guys, hope you just love these images as much as I

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[Engaged] Paige & Louie

Can you feel the love?!?  These two are so naturally adorable together they made my job sooo easy!!!  I was sooo excited when they asked me to take photos for them and I can’t wait for the wedding next  year!  It is sure to be BEAUTIFUL!!!  Hope you guys love these favorites from this sweet

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